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Lawn Mowing

An obsession for some a chore for most, a healthy cut lawn, goes a long way towards making a good impression for a one off cut or a regular service throughout the year.

Hedge Cutting

Well maintained hedges, shrubs, significantly improve the overall appearance of your garden, Greens offers a complete hedge cutting service throughout the year.

Garden Tidy

Sometimes gardens just get out of control, you may need help getting to grips with your garden, Let Greens take back control so you can sit back and enjoy your garden once again.

Lawn Maintenance

To keep your lawn in pristine condition all year it may need:-

  • Spring Fertilizer
  • Scarifying
  • Aerating
  • Autumn Fertilizer
  • Weed Control


Patches of your lawn may need replacing or the whole lawn can be revamped and look brand new.

Jet Washing

Over time a layer of moss and residue builds up on brick paving and decking, this becomes slippery when wet and unattractive to the eye, the only effective solution is pressure washing. In order to deliver this service access is required to an outside tap, please call or complete the contact from for a no obligation quote.

Weed Control

In order to eradicate all weeds from your pathways, driveways and lawns they need to be sprayed professionally, I hold a NPTC PA1, PA2, PA6. Which allows me to use pesticides and fungicides and safely eliminate your weed problem.

Tree Maintenance

If any of your trees need pruning or felling.

Please call or complete the contact form for a no obligation quote